PowerManagerIIâ„¢ Control and Monitoring Software


PowerManagerII DC remote control software provides effective remote management and data logging for Powerware DC power systems. The intuitive, Windows® -based graphical user interface of this innovative DC remote control software enables you to quickly ‘zoom in’ and view concise summary information, data logging, or specific control functions, key operational data, or alarm details. 

PowerManagerII is cost-effective. Remote management can reduce operating and maintenance costs. The latest power system information is available where and when you want it, greatly reducing the need for site visits. Alarms are highlighted and detailed, to help you analyze faults and produce maintenance histories and schedules. 

PowerManagerII is comprehensive. You can connect as many power systems as you like, and all necessary data is clearly presented. PowerManagerII is flexible. You can set up area map views of urban areas and wider regions, to help you visually navigate to any site —the choices are yours. And it’s simple to add new maps and site locations. 




  Power ManagerII DC