Welcome to Swichtec!

We have indeed journeyed through various challenges and obstacles to be where we are today.

I have the pleasure of ensuring the vision of Swichtec to be the preferred Power Solutions Company here in Malaysia and if not the region in the not too distant future ahead. Our goals are aligned with the dedicated workforce and chosen paths of quality products and services that we render and produce to all our customers, partners and affiliates alike. Building on this platform, we hope and want to achieve high levels of satisfaction, dedication and superiority in all that we are in to do.


We value the contributions and partnerships of our peers and partners and do not disappoint them when counted upon the most. Providing them with a dedicated and committed relationship is something that we do not get tired off giving. Our products, services and consultations are of the highest order and trusted across the platforms and the networks of the industry. Leveraging on this, the only direction we can do next is to continue to grow forward, strength in strength for continued success.


We are not finished by all means … in fact we are getting started. Getting started to continue the journey so that the end road will be a profitable and sustainable one for everyone here at Swichtec and beyond. I continue to look forward to making new waves, connections and continue to persevere in all our efforts so that it is indeed a favorable outcome to all.


Mohd Daud Kassim
Managing Director