EMDTEC Batteries & UPS




       For over 20 years have we been in the industry, known for our ability to be fluid in product customization, known for our tremendous performance, professionally equipped, highly knowledgeable professionals and customer service of the highest quality, Swichtec Power Systems have decided to produce its own brand of products. After years of marvelous service and reliable products, we questioned ourselves, how can we provide better? Hence, EMDTEC was developed. What better way to serve our clients who have been trusting Swichtec Power Systems for decades than producing our own brand. Product knowledge is essential, it is the key to accuracy in providing information to our clients. Carefully handpicked, intensely researched products.

EMDTEC, EMD is derived from the initials of the Managing Director of Swichtec Power Systems, Mr. Mohd Daud Kassim. TEC,derived from the 3 letters of the company name, representing technological advances in the industry. Red, being the symbol of of energy, Red signifying our determination and confidence that EMDTEC willl serve clients with a prestigious performance. Red, being the symbol of passion and love signifying our passion for the industry and love towards our planet by providing a cleaner, greener and efficient energy.